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A CiviCRM Rebirth - 四, 11/15/2018 - 06:22

An interview with Restoring the Foundations Ministry

Restoring the Foundations Ministry (RTF) is an integrated approach to biblical healing, with over 200 teams around the globe providing training and personal ministry to churches and people seeking help. The mission of the organization is to offer “hope for healing, freedom from life’s deepest struggles, and renewed purpose for living.” Jaque Orsi, office administrator at RTF, recently spoke with Cividesk to share her experiences of using CiviCRM. 

CiviCRM Version 5.7 - Candidate for Extended Security Release - 二, 11/13/2018 - 05:07

The first Wednesday of the month is an important day for the CiviCRM community. It’s the day where a new, scheduled monthly release drops. These normally include bug fixes, minor features changes and improvements. Nothing earth shattering (hopefully). Upgrades are typically routine and easy. For many, this is a fairly painless process to manage, especially as the ease of upgrade and release reliability have improved over the years. 

CiviCRM 5.7.0 release - 二, 11/13/2018 - 03:00
CiviCRM version 5.7.0 is now ready to download.  RELEASE NOTES: Big thanks to Andrew Hunt from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes for this version.  The release notes for 5.7.0 can be accessed here.   SPECIAL THANKS:

Webinar #Giving Tuesday (in Spanish) - Prepara tu campaña con CiviCRM - 五, 11/09/2018 - 18:09

Te invitamos a nuestro próximo webinar el día 13 de noviembre a las 11h

¿Has lanzado tu campaña de #GivingTuesday? ¿Has definido tu estrategia de comunicación? Si aún no lo has hecho o si lo has hecho, pero tienes dudas o quieres hacer tu campaña más atractiva, regístrate a nuestro webinar gratuito en el que trataremos los siguientes puntos:

Online Training: Contact Management for New Users rescheduled for November 20th - 五, 11/09/2018 - 03:36

Are you new to CiviCRM and need to learn the basics of contact management? want to know more about relationships, searching, groups & tags and how to create an activity report?

Mass Emailing using Mosaico online training session - November 7th - 六, 11/03/2018 - 05:37

Join Cividesk for this NEW online training session that will introduce the basic concepts of CiviMail and how to use the new Mosaico extension to create a professional and responsive newsletter. 

Click here to register for this one hour training session on November 7th at 10 am MT/11 am CT/12 pm ET.

CiviCRM Establishment Committee Elections Results - 五, 11/02/2018 - 03:12
Contributor Elections

Of the 261 voters in this election, 199 cast ballots.

Those elected are:

  • Allen Shaw, US

  • Claire Williams, UK

  • Erika Bjune, US

  • Kathryn Carruthers, Canada

  • Rose Lanigan, UK

Partner Elections

Of the 62 voters in this election, 49 cast ballots.

Those elected are:

Fair Voting in Canada: In it for the long haul with CiviCRM - 三, 10/31/2018 - 23:56

This month, British Columbians (in Canada) will be voting on whether to adopt proportional representation (PR) when electing their provincial representatives. If they do, they'll be the first province in Canada to do so.

Fair Vote Canada has been advocating for proportional representation in Canada's voting systems for more than 10 years, and I've been working with them for almost as long, using CiviCRM. 

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