CiviCon 2012 讀書會

Posted: 六, 09/22/2012 - 23:22

還記得之前有網友提到 CiviCon 2012 讀書會的構想嗎(

這個社群成立也好一段時間了,但一直沒辦網聚,這次想說我們來辦個網聚,順便大家一起來辦個讀書會,我們一同來分享、討論一下 CiviCon 2012 的議題內容,幾乎每場議題都有影片及簡報資料,大家就挑個 4~5 篇主題,來導讀一下簡報內容,並簡單分享一下心得。

聚會時間安排在 10/20(六)16:00~18:00,地點是 the Base(台北市漢口街一段36號B1),現場有個會議空間,還有準備飲料,大家一起來開心的讀讀書吧~

名額有限,欲報從速 XD


Re: CiviCon 2012 讀書會

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Breaking your proprietary software habit, best practices for data import into CiviCRM

If you are considering breaking your addiction to proprietary software and want to enjoy the freedom and benefits that free open source software affords your organization, then help is only a data migration away!

The new API version 3 makes data import convenient, repeatable and enjoyable. In this session we'll showcase different pathways of getting data out of different proprietary and custom systems into CiviCRM during a data migration. We'll also cover methods of keeping CiviCRM synchronized with third party data sources using scripts. Using open source tools to automate, pipeline and cleanse the data and cover our experience with the Drupal migrate module via CiviMigrate.

We'll end with an open Q&A discussion on data import best practices starting with planning, mapping, cleaning and performing the import.

Contribution Forms Gone Wild

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a membership organization that makes a significant chunk of it's money from individual donations. As such, we've spent a lot of time and energy making our CiviCRM contribution pages awesome in many different ways.

From pretty URLs to "Why I Contributed" tweets to time-limited fundraising campaigns to re-using the same contribution page for dozens of different "thank you for taking action" pages, we'll explain how it all works and how your contribution pages can be just as wild.

Cooking with the CiviCRM API

The ultimate session to learn how to integrate the clever way with CiviCRM using the API v3, from migration to REST interface, from ajax pages to chat robots.

If you want to develop with CiviCRM and extend it, or simply see some of the best examples of what can be done with it, this is the session to attend.


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